The first round started a little earlier then planned. Furthermore as we have 10 participants, we decided to play 9 rounds of 30 minutes plus 15 seconds per move.

  • Gadget - Rofchade 0-1
  • The Baron - The King 1-0
  • Red Queen - Arminius 0-1
  • Spartacus - Hiarcs 0-1
  • Embla - Chess22k 0-1

The first round has some issues with the wifi of the location, which seems a bit troubled since a month. 

De volgende deelnemers hebben zich reeds aangemeld:

 #   Naam   Rating  Operator
 1  Excalibur Mirage (robot) 1837  Paul Wiselius
 2 Fidelity Phantom (robot) 1877  Hein Veldhuis
 3 Novag Constellation Forte B 1885  Hans van Mierlo
 4 Fidelity AVG Mobile master 1837  Tobias Gora
 5 Mephisto Super Mondial 1881  Ries van Leeuwen
 6 Excalibur Grandmaster 1840  Peter Schimmelpennink 
 7 Saitek Kasparov Blitz 1779  Rob van Son
 8 Tiger Grenadier 1882  Ruud Martin


Helaas moest de familie Bittner afzeggen.

Below the list of participants is shown for the 53nd CSVN Programmers Tournament in Leiden.

List of Participants




team members

Similarity Test


The King

AMD FX8350K, 4 cores, 5 threads/core

Johan de Koning (prog)


The Baron

6 core Intel I7-5820, 3.3Ghz Richard Pijl (prog) *


Intel 28 x 2.8ghz Mark Uniacke (prog), Harvey Williamson (team member)  
4 Rofchade AMD Ryzen Threadripper Ronald Friederich (prog) *


AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x 3.4GHz, 32GB RAM, Linux Volker Annuss (prog)
6 Redqueen Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, single thread Ben-Hur Carlos Vieira Langoni Jr. (prog)  
7 Chess22k Intel Core i7-4600U, 2.7 GHz, single thread Sander Maassen vd Brink (prog) *
8 Embla Intel Core i7-3930K (1 thread, in a virtual machine) Folkert van Heusden (prog)  
9 Spartacus

Intel Core i7 3.4 GHz (only 1 core used)

Harm-Geert Muller *
10 Gadget

Intel Core i7 6700K/4 - 4,2 GHz, 1 thread Gadget

Hans van der Zijden *

The above list is currently random sorted.


Round 9 has started:

  • The King - Arminius 1/2
  • Gadget - Embla 0-1
  • Spartacus - Nemeton 0-1
  • Dirty - The Baron 1-0
  • RedQueen - Chess22k 1-0

After 8 rounds all the positions have to be fixed in the last round. The top programs play each other, as do the programs in the bottom of the ranking. At the moment The Baron leads with 8 out of 9. Shared second are Chess22k, who plays its first ever CSVN tournament, and The King, the program that played all the CSVN tournaments since the 90s. Both have 6 out of 8.

Ranking, pairings and results can be found here:

Games can be downloaded here:   default CSVN Programmer Tournament 52 (44 KB)

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