The last round on Saturday will start as soon as possible. Should have started at 16:15. But the last game of round 5 has just finished.


We start this round with the knowledge that Rybka has 5 out of 5. The followers are Spark and Deep Shredder with 1.5 points behind. The big question for the next four rounds is: will any program be strong enough to stop Rybka? We will see.


The fifth round is due to start. Pairings will be up in a moment. Participants know it already, as they sit behind their machines.The games of round 4 are already available in the default Dutch Open Computer Championship 2010 .


In the short member meeting Hans Secelle was choosen into the board of the CSVN. Furthermore Hans van der Zijden is made "Lid van Verdienste" because of his enormous support of computer chess within the CSVN in different ways.


The games are going, at half past three only two games are finished. Both draws for Spike - Hiarcs and Kallisto - HansDamf. In the mean time Richard Pijl is walking nervously around as The Baron makes him so. Scaramanga - Jonny results in a draw where Jonny has a queen and Scaramanga a pawn and a bishop. Very interesting study. The Baron loses after that the draw was expected.


Naast het Open Nederlands Computerschaak Toernooi wordt vandaag ook het 21e Gebruikerstoernooi gehouden. Tien deelnemers spelen vandaag met hun bordcomputers een 6 rondien zwitsers toernooi. Foto's en korte ronde verslagen zullen in dit artikel worden geplaatst.

Na 6 ronden spelen zij de prijze uitgereikt. Kijk hieronder voor de programma's en hun operators, de resultaten en de uitstand.

The fourth round will start at 9:45 on Saturday the 27th. The location will be open at 9:00.


9:45 The round has started, everybody was at the location in time! At the same time the Users Tournament is setting up their computers close to the ODCCC. And we have a cake today, because its the 30th tournament. The games of round 3 will be uploaded as soon as possible (they are now uploaded!! See downloads).


Before starting round 5 there will be a short break for very short member meeting of the CSVN. The last game was finished just before 13:00. Joker versus RedQueen was a very sportive draw. 


Pairing and ranking is shown below for this round.


1   Jonny                        ( 2.5) - Rybka                        ( 3  ) 0-1
2   Hiarcs                       ( 2  ) - Deep Sjeng                   ( 2.5) 1/2
3   Deep Shredder                ( 2  ) - Spike                        ( 2  ) 1/2
4   Spark                        ( 2  ) - The King                     ( 1.5) 1/2
5   Hermann                      ( 1.5) - Scaramanga                   ( 1.5) 1/2
6   GoldBar                      ( 1.5) - The Baron                    ( 1.5) 0-1
7   Hansdampf                    ( 1  ) - Rookie                       ( 1.5) 0-1
8   Kallisto                     ( 1  ) - Nightmare                    ( 1  ) 0-1
9   Joker                        ( 0.5) - RedQueen                     ( 1  ) 1/2
10   Fridolin                     ( 0.5) - Dolphin                      ( 0  ) 1-0

We start approximately at 20:00 with this round. The top programs Rybka and Hiarcs meet each other this round. The complete pairing will be here as soon as possible. At this moment the supporters for The Baron. Including the operator for Dolphin, Tessa. So Bart has only his own program to operate tonight.


Although not involved much in Computer Chess at the moment, Jeroen Noomen is already the whole event walking around. See one of the photos that will show up on this page, later tonight. If you look at the hardware in the participants list, you will see that there are three programs using clusters with more than 200 cores! Jonny even uses 800 of 2000 available at the University of Bayreuth.

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