Round 9 has started:

  • The King - Arminius 1/2
  • Gadget - Embla 0-1
  • Spartacus - Nemeton 0-1
  • Dirty - The Baron 1-0
  • RedQueen - Chess22k 1-0

After 8 rounds all the positions have to be fixed in the last round. The top programs play each other, as do the programs in the bottom of the ranking. At the moment The Baron leads with 8 out of 9. Shared second are Chess22k, who plays its first ever CSVN tournament, and The King, the program that played all the CSVN tournaments since the 90s. Both have 6 out of 8.

Ranking, pairings and results can be found here:

Games can be downloaded here:   default CSVN Programmer Tournament 52 (44 KB)

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