The Advances in Computer Games conference (ACG 2023) is being held online this year, November 28-30 2023. ACG is an international conference that publishes artificial intelligence (AI) innovations applied to games. Its history goes back to the inaugural event held in Edinburgh in 1975 (then called Advances in Computer Chess), making this the longest ongoing game AI conference. Since the 1990s, the conference has been organized by the International Computer Games Association.
The conference has an unusual format. It is held over three days, with the first day presentations at a time that is convenient for North American attendees, the second day well timed for Eastern Asia, and the third day accommodates European participants.
This year's event features four keynote talks and 14 refereed paper presentations. The keynote speakers are:
Tristan Cazenave, Université Paris-Dauphine
Hiroyuki Iida, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Frank Lantz, New York University Game Center
Martin Mueller, University of Alberta
Come find out about the state of the art in artificial intelligence applied to games! Attendance is free. Register (name and email address) here to be able to access the talks.
The schedule can be found here.

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