Start of the round Sunday morning 09:30, location open at 09:00

  • FrankWalter - The King 1-0
  • RofChade - The Baron 1-0
  • Komodo - Nemeton 1-0
  • Arminius - Spartacus 1-0

Arminius ran into a bitbase bug in a won position against Spartacus. But just in time this was fixed.

Ranking information, photo's and games, see the overview page: 55th Programmer Tournament Ranking.

The first round started around 12:00 at the new location for the tournament: Denksportcentrum Amersfoort. All participants could find it, nobody got lost. And everybody was in time. Even for the general meeting. 

The tournament is a 7 round Round-Robin with 8 participants.


  • Komodo - FrankWalter 1-0
  • Arminius - Rofchade 0-1
  • Spartacus - The King 0-1
  • Nemeton - The Baron 0-1

Komodo needed some time to start up, but finally it is playing.

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