Complete History of Rankings and Games

This page contains all final rankings of the Dutch Computer Chess Championships organised by the Computer Chess Association Netherlands (CSVN). These championships have been played yearly since September 25th, 1981.

Ranking is done on Score, Buchholz points (WP) and Sonneborn-Berger (SB) points.

There is also some prehistory from the era before the CSVN was founded!
Tournaments 1981 and 1982 were very special in the sense that each program played
three games simultaneously, so there were three hectic sessions with 19 (1981) or 18 (1982) games each! In 1985 we played in two groups; we can assume safely the top three of group A were stronger than all members of group B.

The 1994 tournament became "open" in order to give foreign participants official recognition of their opportunity to win the title "Open Dutch Computer-Chess Champion" provided they are member of the CSVN. This also provided clarity that only one title is at stake here. For each game the opponent, the colour played (Black/White) and the result (0 defeat, = draw and 1 win) are listed.
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